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Request for use


  1. Register on Museo del Prado's Image Bank website to create an account. If you already have an account, you can log in with your username and password.

  2. Select the license form according to the use you want to make of the image, fill it in as detailed as possible and confirm the acceptance of the conditions established in the form.

  3. When sending the form, an order corresponding to the form received will be created with a provisional rate.

  4. Once your request is approved, we will send you a final quotation (proforma invoice) confirming the image reproduction rights fee along with payment instructions.

  5. Payment is made by one of the two methods: credit card or bank transfer.

  6. Once the payment is confirmed, we will send you the image in high resolution through a WeTransfer link together with the caption data and the mention of the copyright of the image, as well as its corresponding final invoice which is the license to reproduce the image.

The conditions and terms established in the form must be accepted before sending it. Sending the form duly completed and accepting the conditions does not imply that the request has been authorized. Museo Nacional del Prado Image Bank reserves the right to approve or deny authorization for the use of the requested image.


General timeline

  • The response time of Museo Nacional del Prado Image Bank to requests is 7 working days from receipt.
  • Provided that the work has already been photographed, the authorization and availability of the image will be completed within 10 calendar days from confirmation of payment.

There is an additional fee for taking a new photograph of the work. For more information about the availability of a new photograph, fees and delivery times for new digital files, please contact Museo Nacional del Prado's Image Bank at:

Museo Nacional del Prado Photographic Archive


Museo Nacional del Prado is one of the most important art institutions in the world. Its collection features over 27,000 artworks, including paintings, sculptures, drawings and decorative arts. 

Museo Nacional del Prado's Image Bank gathers the images of all its artworks in the best quality and large format. It also contains updated images of the pieces after their restoration carried out in the Museum. 

Through the Image Bank service, Museo Nacional del Prado provides access to high-resolution digital files of its permanent collection with nearly 40,000 photographed artworks including: paintings (8,529), sculptures (1,109), drawings (10,806), prints (6,567), decorative arts (4,131) and historical photography prior to 1939 (8,613). It also has 4,368 images of bibliographic or archive material, such as the 1,926 cataloged artists' letters or 6,131 images of frames. 

In order to help researchers with their investigations, the Museum offers infrared reflectographies of many of its works. The request for technical material requires specific authorization from the Conservation Department of Museo Nacional del Prado.

Among all the artworks in the collection, there are 183,170 images with photographs taken from the 1950s to digital images taken today - including general and detail shots and pictures from the restoration process-    

The collection’s images includes both digitization of photographs from the 1950s to 2010 and original digital images taken during the last decade. The resolution goes from files at 300 dpi in size from 25 x 30 cm on average to 65 x 80 cm on average. There are about a hundred large-format files of works available in a size bigger than 500 Mb. 

The Museum owns 17 images in GIGAPIXEL format of its most iconic works: Las Meninas, The Three Graces, The Garden of Earthly Delights, Dürer's Self-Portrait, Fra Angelico's The Annunciation, Wan der Weyden's The Descent from the Cross....

Moreover, there is the large volume of images from the different events celebrated in the Museum (15,818) such as: inaugurations, press conferences, book presentations, commemorative events, signing of agreements, images of the museum installations (10,785), temporary exhibitions (13,450) or training and educational activities (6,624).

Museo Nacional del Prado images are calibrated to the exact color, brightness, and tonality with the highest fidelity to the original artwork. Each image is treated individually to ensure its reliability. Photographs are periodically updated for restoration, academic or conservation reasons.

Museo Nacional del Prado is the owner of all rights to exploit the images in the Image Bank. 

Copyright Policy 

Museo Nacional del Prado Difusión is in charge of the commercial management Museo Nacional del Prado images’ copyright. Through the Image Bank service, you can request the license of reproduction of a most of the works belonging to the different collections. These can be used for editorial, academic or commercial purposes.

Museo Nacional del Prado Difusión reserves the right to not authorize the transfer of images when such use may undermine or damage the image of Museo Nacional del Prado as a public institution; or when it may be contrary to the institutional purposes that Museum embodies. Specifically, Museo Nacional del Prado Difusión will not grant the right to use the images when they may compromise the image of the institution due to possible associations or links with the content, purpose or object for which its use was requested. 

All content on this site is protected by the Law of Intellectual Property and ownership resides with Museo Nacional del Prado. All images and texts on this website are protected by copyright © Museo Nacional del Prado. 

Free access to the images through the Internet and Museo Nacional del Prado website does not imply their free disposal when reproducing and/or broadcasting them.

You can consult the terms and conditions, as well as the responsibility for prohibited use of the images of Museo Nacional del Prado in the terms and conditions of the image request form.


Photography sessions are not permitted in the Museum. The Photographic Archive has a large number of high-resolution digital files of all the works in its collection, both of the complete work and of details, as well as the most updated images of the works after their restorations carried out in the Museum. All of them in the best quality and format calibrated with the exact color, brightness and tonality with the maximum fidelity to the original work of art. Each image is treated individually to ensure its reliability.

For any questions you can contact the Image Bank through e-mail: or by phone: +34914296807

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